[REVIEW] Maybelline Big Eye Mascara

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ah yes before i begin, i must admit my negligence towards blogging for the past week. been going through lots of stuffs and i couldn't put myself together to crunch up anything good. well, finally everything is all good and i'm ready to write again!

today's review is on Maybelline Big Eye mascara. for those who sees me on a daily basis or basically most of my friends know that i don't usually put mascara eventhou i have make up on. reason being is not many mascara can curl my heavy and lazy lashes up for a whole day!

but here are some quick steps and important points of this mascara. there are 2 brushes - 1 for top lash and 1 for bottom lash. and it's supposed to make your eyes bigger.

basically i have really big eyes already. so i'm gonna skip the eyeliner part. here's me with my base.

step one, of course to curl with the eyelash curler

then step two, apply mascara for upper lashes with bigger brush. here's the end result

step three, apply lower lashes with small brush

and taadaaaa! this is a comparison of with and without mascara. obvious eye bigs! love max!!!!
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