Another Year Older Episode Nine

Sunday, September 7, 2014

my sisters love celebrated my birthday last as we had to adjust to each other's horribly busy schedule. which we had dinner at Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant at Solaris.

honestly i don't know what is all the hype about this place and i think the food here is really over-rated. the 8 flavours were alright but we couldn't really differentiate the flavours exactly. but overall the food was ok.

after dins, we headed off to cosans cafe downstairs but little did i know, i started running to the look 5 times continuously due to the food. and it wasn't just me. all three of us took turns running to the loo. we felt so bad for the other people using the loo there. plus it was pretty embarrassing for us to do that in front of the baristas so many times wtf.
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