Another Year Older Episode Eight + Manoah Blogger Appreciation Night

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Episode Eight is all about my my dart teammates. there are 5 of us who are august babies hence the big celebration at Trinity on Merdeka eve.

i was really very much like a double celebration counting down to Independence Day while enjoying our holiday and partying all night long celebrating all of our birthdays. a celebration with darts, booze, karaoke, and cray as a big family.

the team bought us Flamings which i hated most but then again it was meant to be a night of fun and cray. with blind draws of yum yum games and big bull challenges. i really did have a lot of fun running up and down.

and on last Wednesday we had lots of cray fun at Manoah's Blogger Appreciation Night at i Darts Quad with a whole lot of darting fun and drinks from the awesome Asahi! and all of these are thanks to the super awesome Don!

as i had to work the next day so it was kind of a big waste to have to leave early but i really did have fun with the girls. how i only wish yukiko was there too but well she's far far away in Perth!
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