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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the fact that i've actually drafted my Ipoh Mali Final Episode blogpost and it's left in the draft for a few days coz i've been to held up at work. by the time i got home i was to exhausted to upload the images and publish them. so please hang on for a day or two more. it will be coming.

speaking about that. the senior was our on a holiday last week and he came back sick. so as of now i have tones of deadlines to meet. but hey not complaining coz i'm actually learning a whole lot more this way but mannnn i'm exhausted lol.

just hang in there Yumi! u're definitely gonna survive this if you've survived handling 15 different clients at the same time previously. u're just gonna have to stay focus and squeeze your brain juice for ideas!

ps: imagine waking up to a "morning beautiful" message on such a hectic week. that'll probably make me smile lots. just saying* teehee
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