of taiwanese literature night and new hair

Monday, August 4, 2014

this weekend was slightly different. instead of just dota and darts, i joined my friends to attend a taiwanese literature night by popular book fest at kl convention centre.

this concert is slightly different compared to all the other performances that i've watched coz it was more literature based although the performers are from the younger generation. the reason why i attended was because of Peter Pan. it's been a long time since i last "chase idols" and seen him.

i'd say he is a little different from last i met him. a little more talkative and much more active. and freya lin's live performance is simply awesome.

ah. i chopped off the end of my hair about 2 inches long. and ash ombred it. of course done by my lovely amy from 76style. it's not really obvious in this picture. wait till i get the pictures from her then i'll update my blog again.

till then, toodles~
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