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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

so now not only i go to 76style Bangsar 2 to do my hair, i head over to 76style Mont Kiara for my nail pampering sessions too! yay!

i got to know about this at twenty3 event way back then in april *if not mistaken* and since then i've been coming back to Helen to get my nails done. reason being is coz she's very detailed in her artwork. plus she can do really awesome and pretty cray designs *which i've yet to explore* but i'm more of a simple person.

this time around is my fourth time going back to her. with a very kate spade-ish design of black with gold sparkles. since all my previous designs were very pastel-ish.

according to Helen, the product used *Bella Forma* is made with less chemicals so that it will not harm your nails. and because it has less chemicals, it wouldn't hold on to your nails too long a time and will start chipping by the second week. which happens to most Malaysian girls.

*note: this photo is taken 10 days after i did my nails*

i on the other hand, is a very special case as my designs and gel nails would usually last until the 4th week before it starts chipping or peeling off. which happens to most Japanese girls. hmmmm...

overall, why i loved to pop by for Helen's service is coz she's so awesome that all you have to do is just show her what you want and taaadaaaa! she works her magic. share with me on your experience with number76nail coz i would like to know how long does it usually last for you too! teehee.
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