Take A Step | Ipoh Mali 1.0 Episode Two

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The very next morning i woke up to even more food hunting.

We headed to another Tuck Kee restaurant (so many Tuck Kees) which was located at the junction of Persiaran Tokong and Jalan King at Pasir Pinji.

They are famous with their roast meats such as roast duck, chicken, siew yoke and char siew. Unfortunately their siew yoke was sold out too fast and we didn't manage to grab a taste of it. They even had a take away counter as well. I personally enjoyed the roasted ruck and chicken but the char siew wasn't too much of my liking.

After the meal, we headed to "da shu tao"(big tree) hawker center for even more food. While the rest ordered fried food, some of us waited before grabbing place to sit and chill before heading for some massage time.
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