Another Year Older Episode Two

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the next day, we girls had planned a high tea session and pretended to be "tai tais". it was more of a get together catch up tea session but it ended up as a sweet surprised from the girls.

the whole idea was supposed to be a catch up session with the girls since most of us have been busy with our work and finally have time to catch up.

as usual when you put a bunch of ex-freelance event girls together, what we do best was taking photos. before food and after food of course.

high tea was at intercontinental hotel's onesixfive. they've 2 different high tea sets for selection and since there was only 8 of us, we ordered 2 royal and 1 selera set. i personally prefer the royal set which was more english. of course the name "selera" itself explains itself but it wasn't much of what my taste buds would enjoy. as for tea, we had shanghai rose, lychee and flowery earl grey.

us girls had a lot to talk until all of a sudden alex came by with a birthday cake and they all sang me a birthday song which really was a sweet surprise indeed. after all the cake and selfies, some left for their other plans whereas the rest of us headed to pavilion for dins with sean joining in and then quick shopping.

being a shopaholic *plus my off shoulder top kept falling off anyway* i decided to grab a new top and change. we were supposed to go for movie after that but all i didn't feel too well. perhaps caught the cold as i've been coughing lately and we all ended up going home to rest. boohooo my bad....
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