Another Year Episode Three

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

episode three was another surprise coz i asked my Pek Chek Kaki out for dins way before hand but they ended up inviting a couple more of really important people to me to attend, plus decorated the place and surprised me.

the parents were invited and they actually came in to my room to tell me that my bestie invited them to have dinner with us. *spoiler one* but it still didn't strike to me that they were gonna surprise me. *blur mode on* plus i was bugging the boyfie to come get me earlier coz we've both been busy for the past few days anyway.

we ended up going to KLCC for a quick bite and shopping before heading over to Acme Bar & Cafe. and upon arrival i was told to meet them upstairs where the door was closed. so the moment i pushed open the door i heard a loud scream of "SURPRISE!" which made me jump. then i saw the little decor done. *heart melts*

the surprise really did not occur to me as i've been planning so many surprises lately i thought that they would probably skip mine already else it would be really boring but then it was really sweet of them for planning all these out for me. *coz i was really upset and emotional a couple of days before the dinner*


but i truly appreciate the effort taken and put into giving me such a sweet surprise and cheering me up! thank you my Pek Chek Kaki. and thanks for the angpau sponsor for my baby TR!~

and just when i thought the dinner was over and there won't be anymore surprises, they came out with my birthday cake singing a birthday song for me.

after dins, lex, ceres, boyfie and myself headed back to KLCC for a movie before heading home.

i'm gonna end this post with my YumiOOTD

Top: Twenty3
Skirt: H&M
Oxford Shoes: Aldo
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