Darts | Super League Season 3

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the darts league season is back for Super League Season 3. with more divisions and many more teams this seasons, we decided to only got for 2 teams in 2 different divisions - S2 & S4. With TrebleMaker Rogue, we're in Division 4 this time around.

Division 4 sounds like it's gonna be pretty easy since it's the lowest division but the fight is still as tough as before as all team players would still give their best to win the title. plus we have 3 new players on team who are not as experienced in tournaments compared to the rest of us. nevertheless, they've shown their skills during the game and i'm so proud of them!

last week, we had lots of fun cheering for each other during our first match against FCDC Crimson and I would like to thank all our other teammates who came by to show their support for us. that really meant a lot for us!

we've won our first match and there will be many more weeks to come to compete against other teams. may the best team wins, and may we all play our best games with no regrets!

more games and tournaments to come for me! and oh!~ i took part in the cube ladies tournament and was at Top 8 again before i was KO-ed by the champion. i'm quite happy with my performance that night with 2-1, 2-0, 2-0 win during the qualifying although i was out with 0-2 lost at the quarter finals.

ps : sorry for the 1 week hiatus, was really busy with work handover and tournaments.
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