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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

tick tock. tick tock,
it's the second day past half the year. time really do fly. 

a friend of mine asked me a question yesterday. she was about to resign when her superior and head said nasty things like "your work bad and moving to a new company means they have expectations out of you for . are you sure you can cope with your new work? do you think you can work within deadline?"

these are horrible things to listen to and these are the people who would make you stumble and fall but they would also make you a better and stronger person.

with the words that they've said. i could only interpret that they're shorthanded and they need you. in other words, they're trying to hold you back but in a wrong way. they tell you nasty things so that your confidence level drops and you stay in your "comfort zone" which is where you are at right now.

but hey, ask them in return why didn't they point out on your horrible work *as they said* when you've yet to resign? why point out now when you've decided to submit your letter?

ask them, why would the other company offer me if my work is horrible?

a good superior or head would know how to appreciate your work and boost your confidence by guiding you and not telling your nasty things that pulls you down. you don't deserve all these from them after all your late nights  of doing related and unrelated work loads and hard works.

move on, stand tall and strong. prove to them of what you are capable of doing and show them your strengths. because one day, that would notice how good you are and by that time, it is too late. you're beautiful inside and out. all you need is that little confidence boost. :)

remember one thing in mind, people come and go. but everyone who comes in to your life are either your blessing or your lesson. take this as a lesson and grow stronger.
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