[Review] Baby Smooth Skin

Saturday, July 26, 2014

in my previous BCL BFF workshop post here, i mentioned that i will be doing a review on this brand new product that isn't launched in the market yet. 

just as the name of the product "Baby Smooth", it is supposed to give you smooth skin after using it. and here's a quick review after my first trial.

use this product after your cleanser. here comes the step by step

this is how it look likes coming out from the bottle. transparent and non sticky.

just rub the liquid all over *without adding water* and you will notice some dirt pieces appearing. scrub until you think there's nothing more to scrub and then wash it off with water.

and taaadaa, here's to compare left and right. 

after using this, continue with your normal skin care routine. use once or twice a week to see better results on having smoother and fairer skin.

and oh did i mention that the smell is sweet peach!~ so relaxing and my skin feels much smoother. i even used it on my neck. teehee~ i'll be using this for for the next few weeks and will do another quick update on the results.

till then, toodleeeesss~
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