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Friday, July 18, 2014

i'm on a almost three weeks break and it's coming to the end of the first week. so what have i been doing and what am i planning to do for the rest of my break?
i started my weekend by watching the World Cup finals from home. *old dy cannot join the young people in big crowd wtf* and i had lots of rest, i mean sleep to replenish the energy and rest that i've been missing.

did my japanese language homework. and a watched a whole lot of japanese movies and dramas to catch more words and phrases to improve my japanese. current favourite movie is "kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru". loving the whole storyline and soundtrack songs. plus osagawara aki is so good looking. *melts*  

besides that, i've been on hardcore training to improve my darts skill for Super League which is on-going. and competing every Thursday. i'm really happy and proud of my team for the teamwork and performance so far. let's keep the spirit and teamwork up to make it through the qualifying! another 8 more weeks to go!

next week's plan is to clean up my messy room!!!~~~
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