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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

what is happiness to you?

to me, happiness is when i am doing something that i enjoy most. even if i am not good at it. frankly speaking, i am a competitive person. i compete in everything that i think i can and that too was happiness to me.

during my younger years from primary school even up to first year in uni, singing and dancing were my happiness. even if i may have lost in a competition or chance to perform, i'd still wouldn't give up. even up to date i still enjoy doing both. only thing is i grew up and got rid of my "artiste dream".

happiness for me back then during my uni days were freelancing for events and photo shooting. i'm not a girl who is naturally beautiful nor i am even with make up. i'm just an ordinary girl. however i enjoy selfies and i enjoy having pictures of myself being taken. vain or narcism you may call it but it was something that i enjoyed doing. it was passion even if it took me to travel to work.

right now, happiness is when i play darts and dota during my free time. dart has became a passion. an activity that i work hard to improve in order to perform and fight in tournaments. even if i may be stuck at a certain level, i'd still find ways to fix and then improve. whereas dota is something new that i've been playing for the past 2 months and still trying to get a hold of how all the other hero works.

in short, happiness to me is to do something that you enjoy even if it means that you're not good in it but you do it with pride and dignity.

if you are someone who only strive to win and achieve happiness without pride and dignity, by all means go ahead with it because one day when u fall, you will fall so hard that you will not be able to stand up anymore. in my eyes, you're just another pathetic failure that is just trying so hard to achieve some sort of happiness that don't even belong to you.

at this point of time i may have lost a medal to you, but at least i won with dignity. i fought with my level against yours. :)

ps: him who took a mouth of "sambal" will taste the spiciness.
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