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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I've this big headed turtle named tari hanging at the corner of my jeans whenever I'm holding on to my darts. Friends always asks me the same question "not heavy ah? what's in there lah?" so today I've decided to take some time off *well actually it's because i'm on a long break* to take some pictures to share with you.

So basically Tari is from JDarts and it is made specially for one of my female dart idols, Rie Hoshino. and she's first top Japan female darter that i've met in person in Malaysia.

Together with my dart pouch i would say instead of in my dart pouch because most of the things are hanging on the pouch. LOL. basically what i have are the essentials :

- Dartslive Hand Towel (with JW, Cosmo Darts & Fit Flights pins)
- Fit Flight Case (with extra Fit Flights Shape Air by Fit Flight & Juggler Queen)
- Extra Fit Shafts Size 3 Silm (Clear, Pink, Purple)
- Trinidad Dart Board Tip Holder (with all my colourful collection tips)
- Dartslive Card, Live Credit & Phoenix Card
- Monster Barrel Mark 1 Darts Set with the full setting

It's actually not that heavy. It's just a lot of things dangling on my turtle and that the turtle has a big head thats all. In fact, I'd love to have more stuffs hanging on it and I tell people that it gives me balance.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor, Cosmo Darts Japan for sponsoring me throughout my year with a whole lot of Fit Flight Air and Shafts. I'm looking forward to more darting years and experience with the team.

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