Monday, July 21, 2014

angeline buzzed me on facebook asking if i was free yesterday and thankfully i was. so i agreed to join her for this event. and i'm really glad i did because we had so much fun and laughters throughout the event.

during the workshop by hiroki-san, we learnt 2 different make up styles that are in trend in japan right now - cool beauty and japanese idol. cool beauty is for more matured and defined whereas japanese idol is more of a daily look.

can u spot the difference in the make up style? 
left is cool beauty and right is japanese idol.
left is much more sharp, defined and matured. whereas right has more of a puppy eyed cutesy look.

also, we got to explore the different products from BCL which this mascara actually caught my attention most. my eyelashes are heavy and lazy, therefore it is really hard to curl it up but somehow this mascara made it with the first trial.

there were quiz in between the workshop and i managed to answer one of it which resulted from the love of japan and japanese culture. answer was AKB48. *sorry to the other girl who wanted to answer* and best part is i got to make use of my japanese language class by answering the questionnaire in japanese. teehee..good practice.

best part of the whole event, we all get to take lots of wefies and go home with pretty goodies with one of the products that is yet to launch in Malaysia. i'll do a review on that product soon!

ps : wefie photos credit to angeline and photo of me during product test by janice.
other photos : my samsung note 3 & lumix lx3

and last sat i finally had time to meet up with my lovely sisters love for betty's super belated birthday dinner. dinner was at porcelene at dpac. not bad environment with yummy food. slightly pricey but it's quite a good portion.

here's to end my post with my monotone ootd. 
inner sleeveless top : topshop (old)
shorts : h&m
vest : twenty3
bag : kate spade
sneakers : adidas original
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