a week of cray.

Friday, July 4, 2014

it's Friday again. and i wonder to myself what have i been doing or done throughout the week? shucks! the only things i could think of is work, dota, darts and yamcha. i've got fish brain!

come to think of it, this week is pretty hectic at work for me, rushing out all the monthly and campaign reports. reading through numbers and analyzing what went right and what went wrong and then to pen in down into words that clients would be able to digest. come to think of it, i never knew i could be pretty technical in certain ways. but at times, i'm still slightly confused at what my team in the backend does.

oh well...

but hey, it's Flyday so let's not talk about work.

i'm searching for Casio TR35 light violet/pink/peach/white and if you have anyone out there who is selling at a reasonable price, please do email or pm me at iamyumimeiki [@] gmail [.] com

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