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Monday, July 28, 2014

did a little something different this weekend besides my usual darting or dota-ing by playing a lil fusball!

we had a quick blind draw match on saturday and i was lucky enough to partner a really good player. sadly i didn't play well at all. :( so we lost at top 8 but it was really fun playing blind draws because you wouldn't know who you will be paired up with.

after the match, we played some fusball and laughed through the whole game. very close fight with 3-5 lose. then again what mattered was the fun.

and on sunday we helped darling sharon bunny to move to her new place. so i did really light make up in case it was gonna be a lot of work and heat.

and after that we went for BBQ with the teammates while anticipating the winning from our super captain, weng kin. yay! so proud of u for winning champion! motivation to improve better. ^^, teehee~~~

it's my final four days of rest before i fight again. time to enjoy till the max before i work my butt off again! :P
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