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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

when work becomes an important part of your life, you know that you're no longer that young anymore. but work is part of your life and not your life.

of course there are times that you have to come back on a holiday or stay a lil later after working hours if you have work to do. and it is all time management. how you plan your work and manage your time.

having said that time management is very important during working hours as well as after working hours. you only have twenty four hours a day. and out of it, the breakdown would be :

6 ~ 8 hours of sleep
1 hour to get ready for work
1 ~ 2 hours to and fro from work
9 hours of work

during your 9 hours of work, how would you manage your work load when there's too much to do? which is more important, which is urgent? and what can wait a little longer? if you were to stay back and finish up your work, is it even wise to nap/sleep during the 9 hours of work while others are working their a** off? how would other employees see and feel about it? well, of course i would have to say that interval breaks are very much encouraged when you run out of ideas or if you need a quick break. 

another question that popped-up in my mind would be "is punctuality to work something that you should reward or is it essential?" why not punish those who are often late to work instead of revoking the reward from an employee who is sick and is unable to be present at work? how would it do good to anyone or everyone when a sick person insist on coming to work just for the sake of the "reward"? will that person able to be productive or will he or she affect the rest who are busy at work?

time management is important during working hours. you will have to learn how to differentiate your tasks and manage your time. i wouldn't pat on your back or clap for you if you were to stay back and work overtime too often. *unless you're working in a full fledge advertising agency or events management company* in fact, i would see you as someone who is incapable in managing your time and tasks.

and if you were to spend even more time at work, it would only mean you have much lesser time to spend after work.

so practically if you manage your time as a normal routine, you're left with another 4 to 6 hours to spend after work which would include essential daily needs like eating, showering and running errands. how would you breakdown and use your time wisely?

here is how i would spend my time after work.

Monday : Night Market / Quality Time with family
Tuesday : Japanese lessons and Dota 2 after class
Wednesday : Dart Practice / Dota 2
Thursday : Dart Practice / Super League 3 (When season begins) / Watching my other half Futsal
Friday : Quality time / Movie nights / Japanese language homework / Reading

well...i'm not exactly that ordinary girl that you would find me to be. my entertainment is something that i enjoy doing like darts and dota 2. they may not be essential to a daily routine but i plan my time to how it would be. rather than to complain or go around ranting that i do not have time to do things that i enjoy. i'd say, its purely time management. 

my usual sleep hours would be 6 hours on weekdays. even with lack of sleep on certain days *especially the world cup season now!* , i always tell myself that being punctual to work is compulsory unless i meet with an unexpected accident or event. 

so what say you? what is your say on the importance of time management. :)
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