Tuesday, June 24, 2014

could be daily. weekly. monthly. fortnightly or yearly.

as we grow older, we tend to let go of some routines. we tend to be slightly more laid back. we tend to be in other words - lazier. 

but there still are a couple of routines that I've been maintaining. yearly marathon. monthly get-to-gether with friends. alternate days of dart practice.

i've stopped swimming for only 1 reason. now that my working hours are 8.30am onwards, i can't go to the gym for swims at 6am which the gym isn't open yet. and by the time i'm back from work with the jam, i laze off with either dota or dart practice. but then again, now that i don't swim, i've made myself plank with some leg lifts as a daily routine with 1 cheat/rest day to maintain my figure. i don't wanna gain weight just because i'm lazy. :P

share with me on your simple exercise routines that i can keep up with my hectic life, would you? :)

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