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Wednesday, June 11, 2014
i have to admit that i've not blogged for the past 2 months. no excuses should be given although i'm packed with my previous dart league and lots of work. i was in Super League 2 for the past 4 months which ended end May and currently on a break till July for the next season.

work has been pretty hectic with lots of accounts on hand and reports to be submitted to client. i must say, i used to hate numbers but these days i'm reading and analyzing numbers and drawing charts. people grow and change eh?

and not to forget my on-going Japanese language lessons. memorizing the characters, words and sentence structures isn't really easy for someone who is already my age. yikes.

but hey, with all the work, I still deserve a lil break soon! which brings me to Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider's live performance! *fangirlscreams!* who would want to miss these 2 awesome cover musicians who are talented and good looking at the same time. *melts* I can't wait to listen to them perform live!!! and it's in just another 10 more days! yay!!!
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