late nights. world cup twenty fourteen.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

oh yes! it's the season of the owls. why so?

with the Fifa World Cup 2014 matches at 12am onwards (Malaysia time). this could only mean that those who are into soccer & World Cup would be up awake like an owl in the middle of the night and arrive late to work or even disappear from work the next day. especially on mornings with the "important matches" that happened a couple of hours ago.

despite me staying awake up to 2am on the games that i'm truly excited about, i'd still drag myself up in the morning to head to work which starts at 830am. perhaps it's the training and upbringing mum has taught me over my entire living years being her daughter. heh~

but anyway, who are you supporting this world cup?

my all time favourite goal keeper is Iker Cassilas from Spain but i guess he's probably too old for this by watching his poor performance this season. however my support is all out for Netherlands and my all time favourite country, Japan! 6am it is i shall be awake to watch Japan's next game tomorrow morning :P will they be able to perform and be the dark horse? *fingers crossed*

サッカー日本代表がんばてください!香川 真司がんばてください!
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