[EVENTS] Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

Monday, June 23, 2014

i must say that Sam is one active fella on stage. and it was pretty hard to get nice pictures of him running about and jumping all over the stage the whole time. except when he was at the keyboard.

the show started pretty late at about 830 with Jinnyboy emcee-ing the event. he made the crowd go hoohaa with throwing posters all around. and there was this girl who didn't manage to catch the poster which a young man got it. so he went "do you have a girlfriend? do you want a girlfriend tonight?" which made the crowd burst in laughter. that is just so him.

the opening act was by Elizabeth Tan, the girl who made a parody out of Havoc for the people of Subang Jaya. and she also wrote a song while she was stuck in a traffic jam at Puchong.

there was quite a pause before Sam & Kurt made their appearance. the crew came out to make sure that everything was in order to give their best performance to the crowd in kl. and oh my, the crowd wouldn't stop chanting "Sam&Kurt" until the duo came out.

as they come out, the fans roar in the crowd to Sam singing to Make It Up. he did not just stop there but continued with a couple more of songs while running left and right of the stage addressing everyone in the crowd. but it was near to impossible to get a good picture of him that is not blurry. out of the 200+ photos of him, i only managed to get 50+ pics of him that are not too blurry and acceptable.

it was really hard to grab a wefie/selfie with him behind coz he was moving all around! until he stayed put at his keyboard for a while. teehee~~~~

they even signed a t-shirt on the spot and threw it into the crowd saying "here's the prove that we both signed it. on fakes!" such loves!

they both performed a total of 12 songs which included a couple of mashups. and the highlight of the night was Let It Go/Let Her Go mashup as well as his ending performance of a mashup with the final song of Just A Dream.

i'm pretty sure the pictures above are not enough for you to drool, so click here for more!
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