Samsung S5 finally arrived!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

pretty ironic i would say that i've always been a mac/apple fan all these while with having an Apple 3Gs as my first smart phone then to 4S. when i finally got converted by Don & Yukiko (somehow they both are kind of my biggest influence) i fell in love with Samsung phones and each new launch excites me even more than the previous! *gasps*

this time during the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, i was really tempted to walk to the nearest ATM to get some ka-chings to purchase it. especially with the awesome upgrades and we bloggers had a special promo. shucks... coz i just changed to the note 3 for 3 months...

so back to the launch. this time around, they launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 together with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

the launch was a simple yet interesting event at Pullman Bangsar and was emceed by Jehan Miskin which was officially launched by Mr Lee Dong Yong, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

the products were presented in a very nice yet funny way by Samsung representatives, Benn & Luke.

after the official launch, we all had our chance to experience and play around with all the new gadgets before dinner was served. and there was also a contest for medias and bloggers to win the new gadgets. sadly i wasn't lucky enough to get for myself.

on the very first hand experience, the new S5 feels very much like my note 3 with the new leather back. (only thing is that my Note 3 is even bigger with the casing) plus it is slightly longer and wider compared to the S4. i'm actually addicted to larger screens these days after changing to the Note 3. which i can type better with 2 hands. (and trust me, it's really much harder to type on a smaller screen now). the weight is slightly heavier by 15g but it doesn't feel much of a difference to me and it feels much more solid.

the feature that caught my attention was the IP67 which is water & dust resistant. which in other word means i get to use my phone in the rain! (incase of emergency). oh! actually there are much more features to explore in this new S5 but it will be a super duper long post if i continue... so i'll only share on what i really like about the new phone alright?

Fitness & health is one of their new focus, the Gear 2 and Gear Fit serves the purpose perfectly. with the all new design, the Gear Fit is stylish yet serves the fitness purpose. it is kind of like a simpler version of the Gear 2 and it's equipped with the Heart Rate sensor!

as for the Gear 2, it's much more sleek compared to the first Gear. best par is that both the Gear 2 & Gear Fit straps are changeable at normal watch shops as long as the dimension fits! (yay for savings! and pretty straps)

how can i resist not getting it? ><" i'm already so in love with the new S5....
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