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Friday, March 21, 2014

as i scroll back my previous blog posts today, i realize i haven't really been writing much lately. i haven't been expressing much anymore. i guess time passes, people change. i changed in fact. i change a whole lot of myself. asked myself why and how, and i couldn't even find the answers.

i guess its just the people, the things, the time and the age has affected me pretty much. if u ask if i've became more matured? i'd say not much. there are many occasions that i wanted to blog about my current situation or feelings but just couldn't put them into words like how i used to do before. perhaps it's the restriction that i've been facing all these while.

but i came to my senses lately and have been posting much again lately on Facebook and instagram. i guess keeping them deep down for such a long time made me slightly exhausted. with so many things running through my mind and not being able to speak them out. or perhaps it's just i've been watching the wrong drama lately which made me decide to start posting all these quotes again.

i guess at the end of this, i'm still in my zone. the zone where i keep them to myself.
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