Escape Room with Samsung Galaxy Life

Friday, February 7, 2014

I've been seeing pictures and Facebook status of friends enjoying themselves at Escape Room for the past few weeks. and even my boyfie went with his colleagues without me. :( (feeling left out.) Well, not until I found out that i could redeem daily deals from a new app on Samsung - Samsung Galaxy Life.

For those who didn't know, yes i've finally migrated to Samsung with the awesome Note 3. So back to topic, there this new app on Samsung, called the Samsung Galaxy Life whereby we could download lots of lots of deals daily and Escape Room was one of the participating brands.

It feels nice being a brand new Samsung user for just a couple of months and Samsung is already giving me a give back with this free app that is downloadable on the Play Store. The best part of this app is that it already knows my name and basic details when i sign in with my Samsung account, which gives me a pretty personal touch.

Exploring the app, I found a panel with all the different tabs - Live, Entertain, Learn, Play, Connect, Work & Surprise. With loads of discounts, interviews, and deals, Galaxy Life has practically everything you need.

While screening through all the panels and being an over adventurous person, my first click was PLAY! there was where i found the Escape Room deal! To redeem the deal, I can only click the "Redeem" button  just before i'm about to redeem it as there's a 1 hour time limit to redeem once i've clicked it. It's so easy that i just need to show it to the cashier and i get my buy 4 free 2 deal! YAY!!!!

Got to do this with boyfie and the ever so cute Yuki which we explored the toughest room of all – Pirate Ship which we almost made it. Only thing is we couldn’t understand how to open the last lock. :( I won't be sharing with you on how it looks like in the rooms and what you'll have to do. No spoilers for you people!

Galaxy Life is like taking up most of my free time now that i keep scrolling for more deals! woohooo… such love and no regrets migrating over to Samsung.

and if you're a Samsung user, trust me you wont wanna miss this out!

PS : I managed to redeem another great deal from Burger Lab and the good thing about this app is you get to redeem the deal a few times once it refreshes a few days later!
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