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Monday, February 10, 2014

i'm going into my third year with having 76 style doing my hair. recalling my first trial at 76 style when i get to meet one of my favourite blogger, Cheesie there. that time, deji-san was the one who did my hair with the assistance from Amy - who is now my all time favourite stylist.

and since Deji-san left for Japan, i decided to let Amy-san take over my hair. on her first few attempts with my hair, she didn't so much daring colors on me. we worked on more natural tones of brown, ash and lavender. until one day i decided to say, let's do unicorn hair!

and i guess that changed my entire twenty thirteen. well, it started in november twenty twelve thou…my colours changed from unicorn to purple, to peacock to yellow & blue, and then back to a neutral shade of red + purple ash which faded really beautifully and then i went back to bleaching with fiery orange and finally now a dark tone of purple, blue & green.

let's just say in a year, i changed my hair colour so many times and bleached so many times, my hair would probably be dead by now. but guess what? it's pretty much alive and very lively.

here are some FAQs about dip-dye hair and more. these are usually the questions asked by girls who always wanted to try but never dared to do so. and all these answers are based only on my experience with Amy of 76 style.

Q1. Must I bleach my hair in order to dip-dye? Will my hair be coarse / damage if I bleach?
A : Yes, it is usually a must to bleach in order to have the dip-dye colours and yes your hair may tend to damage and be coarse after bleaching. If your hair is naturally not suitable to bleach / dip-dye, the stylist will let you know. (only at 76 style, not sure about other saloons)

Yumi says : 
After bleaching, there is a proper hair care so that your hair doesn't damage or dry up so badly. Make sure you do the "magic treatment" or milbon treatment at 76 style after you bleach & dip-dye. This will help soften your hair. For home care, use hair mask daily or once every two days as your conditioner. My dip-dyed hair is still very healthy looking and soft even after doing it for more than a year. 

Q2. How many times must i bleach my hair?
A : This depends on the condition as well as colour tone that you are looking at having.

Yumi says : 
The first time i did my dip-dye, i only had my hair bleached once and the colour turned out pretty nice. After a few touch ups / changes of colour, i had to re-bleach to remove the old colours so that the colour don't turn out to be "dirty" from all the mixture of the different colour touch ups.

Q3. How long will the colours last if i dip-dye?
A : It depends on your hair condition and on your hair care.

Yumi says : 
From my experience, the colour will start fading the moment you wash it. Especially colours like purple and blue. However purple, blue & green are the colours that lasts the longest after fading into the lighter tone. Some tones tends to fade as fast as 1 week but most of it takes about a month. It's really nice to see a different shade over the weeks.

What i usually do is that i will dye if of a darker tone so that it lasts longer and i can have more shades of it as it fades. 

Also, these colour changes depending on the situation you are under. if you are someone is always in the sun, be prepared to have the colours faded really quickly. Also, if you swim a lot, the chlorine would wash away these colours easily. (Well, chlorine washes all colours away)

Q4. If the colour fades, how long more will it last?
A : It depends on your hair condition and on your hair care.

Yumi says : 
For mine, the colours last like forever! I've just changed my fiery orange to purple & blue on Jan 25th which had faded to purple/pink & green and it's still here on my hair! It really depends on you hair condition, whether it absorbs the colour or not. I'm really loving the blue that has turned to ash green right now. 

Q5. Will the colour appear as how i want it to be?
A : This varies on the tone and stylist.

Yumi says : 
Let's just say our stylists are not magicians. You can't expect them to work magic and have the same exact tone as the ones you see in the magazines. You can show them the idea of how you want it to be and let them work their skills to it. It you're not satisfied, do let them know right away so that they can fix it! I'm sure they are more than happy to work on the ideas you have in mind.

Q6. What if i've dyed my whole hair a light tone and it's faded and my roots have grown?
A : Go back to the same stylist for a touch up whenever you need.

Yumi says : 
I've dyed my hair lavender-red-ash and the colour faded over a period of 2 months and when i came back to touch up my roots, i have no idea how Amy does it but she always manages to get the same exact tone as the faded colour!

Q7. I've too many crazy colours, can i go back to a dark tone after bleaching so many times?
A : Yup it's possible!

Yumi says : 
Previously i had lighter tones of lavender-ash with bleached ends and i just decided to go back to 1 tone. i had my whole head covered with dark purple brown and it lasted me pretty long before it started fading. and the outcome of the faded colour? it usually turns out as an ombre tone.

and trust me, you will not regret letting her have fun with your hair. she's like the only person i trust to deal with my hair without doubt. she would usually ask me what colour i'd like to have and i would answer her, work ur creative hands. :)

So, to conclude this…

Once you've bleached your hair, you can't expect it to be on top notch condition or expect the colours to last forever. Remember one thing, bleaching would definitely damage the hair. It is how damaged it will end up being and how you do your hair care. Also, colours would definitely fade and it all depends on how long it takes to fade, some colours fade as fast as a couple of days, some last pretty long. You can't expect your stylist to be magicians that are able to change your hair colour and make it last for life. :) 
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