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Saturday, January 25, 2014
i rarely rant or complain on my blog but this time i'm really really really upset with the horrible customer service that i've faced with Isetan KLCC.

well, this post is probably very much about me complaining and it is gonna be very very very long winded, so if you don't like it please just close my page. :)

and here begins..

since Isetan opened at 1 Utama last year, i decided to register an IMC member with a supplementary card for my mum. (paid RM15 for 2 years membership) well, the money is not much since i figured out that i would get it back with the vouchers over accumulated points.

and then Foruchizu event came by which was really good coz i got to collect way more points for voucher redemption.

this year, again i shop at Isetan as usual as well as did my support for Foruchizu. with no miss of any of their events and being an avid supporter, i've spent quite a lot of money buying CNY clothing and bags.

and there was a day where there was a 20% promo and friends were there with me. so i've collected their points as well. well, not only theirs but also points from some Foruchizu fans since they didn't have IMC card. at about 5 in the evening, the cashier asked me whose card it belonged to and i said it was mine. and even asked him if he wanted to check my IC to clarify. he said it was ok. so i proceeded with my 2 different transactions which totaled up RM 300++ and 1 more with cash in the morning. plus bestie julie made a purchase in the morning which i've collected the points with her and the cashier even accepted my card.

but little did i know, the PIC in Isetan decided to block my card without informing me. i didn't notice any amiss until i came back on the 30th of December to make another 2 purchases and there was a *beep* when they swiped my card but i was rushing off.

again when i went back on January 11 to support Foruchizu event and make another purchase, there was a *beep* when my card was swiped which usually dont happen. yet none of the cashiers bothered to inform me that there was something wrong with my card.

sensing an amiss, i decided to head up to i-Club to ask and i ended up waiting for more than half an hour for this man named Mr Ahmad to attend to me. and then i was invited to a room to be asked some questions which took about an hour and most of the time wasted because we had to wait for more people to come.

questions like "did you pass your card to other people for point collection?" "is this your friend?" and so on...

so even if i could prove that it is my friend, the final decision was still to deduct the points. so what's the point of asking me or contacting me? you might as well just deduct whatever points you like or terminate the card without informing me. since you already blocked my card without even informing me.

i felt interrogated as though as i have stolen/taken something that was worth millions from Isetan. which i have only collected the points that my friends couldn't collect. so i told them to kindly deduct if you think i deem to deserve any of those points. at the end of the "interview", not only the problem was not solved and issue was properly addressed, my card was even confiscated. and i was told that someone else would call me in a week.

sigh, such a waste of my time waiting and being asked questions like i was a criminal because of some membership card points.

to me it would be pretty simple and straightforward that whoever who blocked my card could have just called me since my number is in the database and inform me that my card would be blocked and points would be deducted because they think that i've collected points which didn't belong to me. instead of blocking my card without bothering to inform me.

is this what you call customer service? i paid for the membership card and my friends/family/boyfriend made those purchase, so is it wrong for me to collect the points?

before the week pass, i decided to email a complain to Isetan KL regarding the issue and someone called me. again it was another waste of my 28 minute and their company resource of telephone call. reason being of the waste of time? she only bothered repeating the same thing over and over and over again which were :

1. The person could not call because they needed the customer to come.

2. I apologize that the cashier did not inform you that there was problem with your card.

3. We cannot let you collect the point even if you are there when your friend is paying and you handed over the card to the cashier. (If this is so, kindly inform your cashiers to not accept any cards from friends)

4. The card is non-transferable and we have to deduct your points. (It this is so, kindly tell your cashiers to check all cards with Identification Cards before proceeding to swipe)

and at the end of the conversation i was told that the points would be deducted, i wont be able to claim my voucher and i had to go back to KLCC to collect the card. wow thanks, i don't live very near KLCC you know. i only bothered to go because of Foruchizu!

ok fine, then terminate the card and deduct all the points! why waste your time calling me? i really don't mind you terminating the card or deducting the points from the very beginning. i am just pissed that they DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO INFORM THAT THE CARD WAS BLOCKED!

if the card was meant to be a give-back to customers, why do you even have to be so calculative over the very few points? this is just so disappointing from a Japanese based company. :( sigh...

i have no idea how am i going to continue supporting future Foruchizu events in Isetan Malaysia.
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