the past week. an early christmas.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

life been pretty much up and down. dealing with awesome clients but also brainless humans at the same time. but everything is good and whatever doesn't kill me would probably make me even stronger than ever. so i thank them for appearing in my life. :)

after work life right now is pretty good with my lovely dart buddies, hanging out and having fun. with my friday nights of ballet. i guess life is pretty fair sometimes. u meet dumb people, u meet awesome people too.

last week, christmas came really really early with aster spring. us bloggers were invited to attend the aster spring's 2013 final quarter launch and we were all lucky to receive a christmas present each. i can't wait till december to open and get my gift every day!~

find out more about the Aster Spring's advent calendar on their Facebook Page

the launch was pretty simple yet fun with my favourite people around. catching up and updating each other.

i didn't celebrate pre-halloween this year coz over the weekend, i went back to penang for awesome food and of course for grandma's birthday dinner. and i finally get to meet my handsome lil nephew!~ (no pics of nephew coz my bro don't want him to be on the internet yet. ><")

PS : pictures from Aster Spring event from Jyuri.

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