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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

here's quick update on what happened during the 2 days of MSDO Championship 2013. it was on for 2 days with International Players coming in from Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and many more as well as local players from all over Malaysia. i'd say it was more like a gathering of the people in the dart community to get to know each other better and to exchange hands as well.

in the two days i registered with my team partner, KK in the dynamic duo game. we were placed in the C flight category coz my rating is pretty low. well, me not playing well on the first day we did not manage to make it through.

on the same day, there was a random hook up game. and it was computer generated to a combination of rating between "18 - 22". i guess i was really lucky to have partnered with one of Philippines' TOP player, Eduardo Santos. with him leading me, we managed to go through game after game up to the Semi Finals and that's when both of us were pretty exhausted coz we've been playing since 10am and it was close to 10pm. 12 long hours of waiting and games. guess thats how the International darters roll during huge events.

so we both managed to get Joint 3rd and was really close to going into Finals. thanks for the lead, Edward! :)

and on the second day, well let's say we played a very good and fun game. with laughters and jokes in my block, we almost managed to get through. but i'd say the Singaporeans are really good at darts! :)

after lunch while waiting for the single knock out to happen, we chilled with the d.craft team and then supported the d.craft team while waiting for the grandmasters game to happen. really proud of the d.craft team for putting on really good fights.

grandmasters game was the highlight of course. watching the really good players fighting to get up to the stage. i guess the most exciting games for me were the match between Robert Modra against Lourence Ilagan which Robert won. and also our local player, Latif against Alain Abiabi.

Latif despite having a serious leg injury and was in pain, he played a very good game and had really good spirit. something we should all learn even in life.

so the grandmasters finals was held during the fiesta with the Semi Finals and then Final match between Harith Lim & Royden Lam. with Royden taking back the Champion trophy with him!

during the two days, it was really exhausting yet i had lots of memories and laughter to bring home with me. plus getting to know new friends and taking the challenges were really fun. i can't wait for the next big event to happen in Malaysia again! or mayb i can just go drop by Singapore. hehehe~~~
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