Monday, September 23, 2013

before my blog really start to hate me, i guess since it's off day and i have a lil time to spare right now before i get ready for dins with daddy i'd blog a lil.

yukiko called up and asked if i was working today and coincidently it's my off day so i decided to just go for the asia model festival awards press conference and then spend some time with her.

during the press conference at d'italiane paradigm mall , they revealed the top 20 finalists (10 babes + 10 hunks) and surprisingly their attire caught my eyes. for a model competition, the finalist were revealed in a simple catwalk dressed in jeans, tank top and a windbreaker. to me, it gives the whole competition a whole lot more professionalism instead of focusing on revealing their body and figure although figure is really important.

the judges also revealed that instead of sending the 2 winners (1 male 1 female) to Seoul Korea to compete at the annual Asia New Star Model Contest (ANSMC), 2 other lucky ones will be joining them as well! so be on the look on who will be the winner this time around and watch the episodes on AMFA Malaysia Facebook Page

and after the event, since both Yukiko and I are pretty obsessed and in love with florals which we both discovered and that we also enjoy diy-ing and handmade stuffs. so we had a lil fun in the afternoon making pretty things together.

with glue guns, fake flowers and a whole lot of creativity, we both ended up with a floral headband and a floral masquerade. so much fun, so much laughter. i can't wait for our next session! how i wish we live next to each other so we can just hop into each other's place to just do this anytime we feel like doing it.
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