a night in Blue Moon with CN Blue

Monday, September 2, 2013

two weekends ago, i was informed that i could bring a friend to watch CN Blue. all thanks to Samsung for bringing them to Kuala Lumpur! and i was hesitating on who i should bring but i decided the bestie gets to go with me coz we were going out that day already plus she loves CN Blue!

we took the train instead to avoid having parking hazard. but we were a lil late coz the trains were packed and there was a slight delay. so we both ran towards the stadium the moment we got off the train.

you can see yong hwa behind us! we were so near the stage it was so awesome!

with super awesome sound system, music and live performance, they only had 1 outfit change throughout the night. but the one thing during the concert that caught my eyes was the stage design. really nice lighting effects plus they could move the drummer to the front! ahhhh can see min hyuk so much nearer~~~

there isn't a single complain that i have and this is like one of the best concerts that i've ever watched! i shall not say more and let the pictures do all the talkings.

ps : more pics of yong hwa coz he always come towards my side of the stage :P

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