a week with samsung s4

Friday, August 9, 2013
being a gadget girl who can just randomly pick up any gadget and explore it always amazes me. this time around i get to play with the all new Life Companion, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

and being an apple all these while, it took me a lil bit more time to understand and get used to it. and when i got the hook of it, i was practically addicted! so i had two weeks with the samsung s4. 

going out with the s4 is awesome coz it has so many functions that i've never seen or used before in my previous phones. of course it has many many wonderful apps.

it took me really fast to transfer all the data i had in my old phone into the samsung with the "Samsung Smart Switch" program which you can find on the Samsung web : here

let's start off with my day at work. at work, we often have to multitask and do many different things at the same time. so it works for me coz this phone as a multitask screen feature. i can open both whatsapp and facebook at the same time or whatsapp and email at the same time and then revert to my clients really quickly without having to tell them to give me a moment before getting back to them!

the screen is big enough i could read both messages and emails/facebook at the same time without having eye sight problems.

to screenshot, it's really fast and easy with one simple swipe of the hand across the screen. and you can directly go into the editing mode or just save it and edit it later on.

and on the top bar, it shows your notifications as well as what is downloading. pretty convenient that all you have to do is just swipe down the bar for your notifications. 

oh and did i mention that the settings are all at the top bar? it's so easy that you dont have to go to :
home -> apps -> setting -> wifi -> on.

all you have to do is, swipe -> wifi. which is a few steps less! yay for that!

right : front camera with natural lighting // left : 360 sweet effect with flash (in the club)

being a vainpot, the camera is always one of the most important features to me on the phone. both the front and back camera are just perfect! my favourite app of all is the camera 360. with awesome effects and colours. 

the best part of the phone is that the battery lasts the whole day! it doesn't die after lunch or before tea time. i could use and do so many things with my phone and by the end of the day, it's still alive! which many other phones would probably die on me and i'd need to recharge with my portable charger all the time!

a week with the phone is really not enough to play around and understand it better. but the longer i got hooked the it, the more addictive it'll be. this is how good the phone is!

if you ask me, i'd really go for samsung if i have the extra budget. but for now i'm still stuck with my old baby and i'd start saving for a new one soon! tee heeeee~~~
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