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Saturday, July 13, 2013

two days ago i took a day off from work to attend a press conference by samsung. before arriving at the venue, i had no idea what was happening but i knew i would have a chance to meet a great director who came all the way from Korea, Jang Jae-Hyeok - the man behind wonder girl's nobody music video and many many more awesome music videos and commercials.

so i arrived a BSC and headed up to Ben's to meet up with Yukiko and unexpectedly my darling Jyuri was there as well. my super cutesy camwho partner-in-crime.

after registering and getting my wind chime, both Jyuri and I started our mini camwho session before heading in to the press conference area.

from L-R Nabil // Tan Kien Eng // Vincent Chong // Jang Jae Hyeok // Koe Yeet // Liyana Jasmay // Awal Ashaari

this press conference is to introduce samsung's new web series - wind chimes in a bakery, a korean inspired love story brought to life with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is built to be a Life Companion which was written and filmed locally but directored by Jang Jae Hyeok.

Sue who was played by Koe Yeet and Adam that was played by Nabil - a boy with nothing but a dream and a girl with everything but love. The story begins after a tragedy in Sue's life whereby Adam recalls the best moments he had with Sue, with his life companion, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

and when asked why the title "wind chimes in a bakery" and what does wind chime represents...

"Wind Chimes is a symbolic item in the series. It is an idea of longing and to remind a person of something. Just like the red bean bun that is used in the series. Something simple yet able to bring two souls together." - Tan Kien Eng, CEO, Leo Burnett Group Malaysia

i had goosebumps when they showed us the trailer on the spot, so there's the trailer. and it really didn't look like it was filmed or produced locally. which make me look forward to the episodes.

and to end my post, here's a picture of me with director Jang.

log on to Samsung Malaysia Youtube Chanel to watch the premier of the first episode today!
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