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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Been really busy with work and dart practice lately I even miss gym for the whole month of June. plus I got into accident, leaving my car in thee workshop for about 2 weeks.

Work was pretty hectic last month with a lot of last minute stuffs coming in plus I had a dart tournament and was busy practicing almost every night.

Even did a marriage proposal for a client from Miri who was in KL and wanted to propose here. So we worked our magic in decorating the place and I made a bridal bouquet that was requested by the client.

Last weekend we also worked our magic for our upcoming wedding client with their pre-wedding photo shoot set up props and a simple bouquet. The main theme was vintage with 3 different settings (train station / picnic / school days).

More to come in the following hectic months. So please bear with me if I neglect my blog. hehe~~~

photos by yumi meiki
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