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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ever since my first visit to number76, i wouldn't change another saloon anymore. reason being is i found someone i could trust to do crazy things with my hair without killing it. like seriously, i've always had bad experience when it comes to my hair colour, cut or anything that has to do with my hair.

all the previous stylist would never understand what i wanted or what would suit me.

for now, every time i pay a random visit to 76, amy would ask me "what colour do you want to do this time?" and my reply would always be the same "i shall leave it to you."

it all started when i had my first crazy unicorn hair by her. i told her i wanted those colours and my hair was pretty short that time. which she actually did magic to my hair. with minor bleaching and a whole lot of crazy colours, my hair did not die (for the first time even after bleaching).

and from then, we played with more colours. full purple till blue and yellow.

how long would all these colours last? many of my friends ask me. well, it all depends on your hair condition as well as how you take care of your hair. mine lasted pretty long but when i'm bored with the colours, i change a new one.

and this time she decided to try navy blue and purple on me. which turns out to be very peacock-ish. and it turned out pretty sweet i'd say. it's kind of like "a midsummer's nights dream" inspired kind of colour tone.

and if any of u wanna go crazy and do crazy colours, just go look for amy from number76. she's based at the bangsar branch.
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