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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

if u're on my instagram at @iamyumimeiki or on my facebook page Yumi Meiki you'd probably already know about my latest addition. something which i call my after work passion. a sport and an entertainment whereby i let go of every other thing and learn to focus on my throw. my new addiction - darts.

it all began a couple of months back when the boyfie asked me to play for fun. i rejected but he insisted i try. and from then onwards..the addiction began.

and then i started joining tournaments. my very first game was the beginners tournaments for C Flight darters. i didn't make it through the first round for that game but at least i did my very best.

then one random night i was dragged in to team up for a friendly match which i didn't perform as well as my usual. then again, we still won thanks to my wonderful teammates.

from then, this addiction got bigger i even joined a team and practice almost every night.

last week, i participated in the Fit Flight's Beginners Challenge with 56 competitors split into 4 groups. in the first knock out challenge, i was lucky enough to walk through my first game and managed to be the only girl who fought into top 8. while the boyfie got 4th position.

play darts can be pretty costly with all the changes of new gears and upgrades plus putting money into the machine. but to me, it is something that i find laughter and happiness in. at least with the team of people i meet most of the time. :)

it's not really that hard, go give it a try!
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