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Saturday, June 15, 2013

i was there at the launch of Project Hope, a project to help the less fortunate children or we call them orphans for a better and brighter future.

Project Hope, a United Nations Millenium Development Goal is initiated by World Marketing Summit with cooperation from local SMEs and it is here to address and help the areas and orphan homes that are close to poverty.

How? You may ask...

Education is their answer. with Project Hope, the team aims to elevate poverty by giving these children education. it is not by donation but in fact to have the local cooperations help the local children by giving back the profit in a trust fund which will be give to the children when they turn the age of 18 to kick start their future.

during the launch, many representatives from companies and individuals such as His Excellency Christian Rehren (Ambassador of Chile), Air Asia, AFC, Tom Abang Saufi, Steadler, Captain Wee and Donne Ray came up to share and talk about their profession with the presence of children from 3 different homes aged between 8 - 12 years old. some were flew in from Sabah by Air Asia. and these children were arranged with 3 days of fun filled learning activities such as football, batik painting and many more.

which speaks of batik painting, each child were given a chance and taught how to do a batik painting sponsored by Karyaneka which the Project Hope will auction and the top 3 painting will the highest bidders will get an extra in their trust fund.

and to the extension of Project Hope, 8 BILLION was also launched on the same day. 8 BILLION is a project whereby when you purchase items in our local stores with the logo on it, this item would be part of project hope that will be giving their profit to the Project Hope's trust fund.

during the press conference, we also had an enjoyable time with Donne Ray's performance.

and also a special appearance by Mr Bean look-a-like.

for more information go to World Marketing Summit Facebook 

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