a night with Hennessy Kyrios.

Monday, March 25, 2013

those who didn't get to go to Hennessy Kyrios' party last thursday, don't frown...there's more coming up! just go check back my previous blog post!~

anyway. the other day i was running really late. had 2 meetings back to back and it was raining cats and dogs before the party started. caused a massive jam in kl and my client was a lil late. so the meeting was dragged.

and i decided to for go another event to be on time for Hennessy Kyrios.

arrived Butter Factory at 9 but since i haven't had dinner i ordered food at the cafe outside Butter Fac. and service there wasn't too good. :( especially on a day when i'm hungry and in a rush. oh well.

but it's my second time here at Butter Fac and i was looking forward to have some crazy fun with the rest of the bloggers.

much thanks to Don of Manoah, i got to attend this fun party and thanks to Yukiko for going in and out bringing each one of us in.

the party started off a lil slow as the music started. it was B.A.T.E. first to spin their set. and as the show started, there were 3 hot models on the stage to present the Hennessy Privillege 3rd Edition - Hennessy Kyrios. while dancers moved their curves to the musics at the 2 Hennessy podiums.

and the night continued with DJ Cookie as well as Mr Nasty & Guru Guru spinning all night long with a whole lot of Hennessy Kyrios on free flow. of course with a bunch of really fun and nice bloggers to party along!

and for those who missed the fun, remember to head on to the rest of the parties at Penang, Batu Pahat and Kota Kinabalu!!!! i'd fly there if i had the money and time! :P

till the next party, let the pictures do the rest of the talking! i'll leave the rest of the night for you to imagine. tee hee...

Don of Manoah

Hottie Jerryca <3

and no party is fun without sam the insanity! 

yours truly, jyuri and charissa of SGTQ 2012

PS : photos by Jaz Khai, Jyuri and myself :)

what i wore :
black corset top : random shop in sg wang
mauve denim : forever 21
studded clutch : comi boutique
spiked jc inspired : agape boutique
accessories : random shop in sg wang.
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