Pre-Chinese New Years

Monday, February 11, 2013

i'm now in penang for chinese new years as usual. the weather this year is quite good. not too warm and humid compared to previous years. pretty windy at night tho. :)

so before i came back to Penang, i had 3 lou sangs already. with 3 different group of friends. first was with boyfies side of friends where we had dinner at aman suria which followed by a midnight trip to the hills for cool air and starbucks.

and then the next day was group dating with the babes for lou sang at pavilion. it was a really nice and warm gathering and catch up since most of us are no longer freelancing and that we don't see each other so often anymore. and most of us are now doing our own full-time jobs in different industries.

the night before i came back to penang, it was with the boyfie's ex-colleagues. the luin-sui group of nineteen people who lou until the whole table was in a big mess. pretty fun but we had our hands covered in the lou sang. hehe.

and when i'm back in kl again, i have a couple more of lou sangs. tee hee!~ looking forward to go back!~
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