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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I had a few sips of my pumpkin soup while Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong gave his speech and then I was called upon for the Internship Programme Certification award and then the Star Award right after.

Truthfully I was pretty surprised when I found out about it. I wasn't allowed to let anyone know until it was announced on stage. and i also had to prepare a 3 minute speech. Gave my speech after Andy (the male category Star Award winner) gave his speech.

Well, it was pretty awkward to stand in front of so many people to give a speech despite being a person who enjoys the limelight and public speaking. (room for improvement!)

After the speech, Andy performed to Endless Love with his beautiful dancers (Jael, Siew Qun, Ren Xuan and Kristy) while I was interviewed by Oriental Daily and the News Straits Times.

Then Andy had to change into his costume for the announcement of Best Dressed. Both him and Jael dressed to the Flintstones theme and they definitely deserve the Best Dressed title!

After that it was the toasting ceremony where all the students and Dr Khoo gathered on stage to share the toast with our guests. and then we had quite a looooooong break in between so that everyone could enjoy their food first while Yuna, Bee Hui and I prepared for our little performance.

Kindly forgive our lousy performance as we really didn't have much time for practice as the both of them had to work office hours and I had freelance jobs during that time so we basically had only 4 times of practice including the choreographing.

We did this remix of Flintstones theme song but Broadway style dance with the umbrellas followed by Hyuna's version of Gangnam style whereby the three of us went round the hall to grab the guests to come up and dance with us.

The rest was history. Graduation was exhausting for committee but nonetheless we all managed to pull through and got everything in order.
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