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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finally received all the pictures from graduation night! No more excuses in neglecting the blog. Some of you may not know that I've graduated for the second time. First was a degree in mass comm and now its a certification in wedding planning.

As i was one of the student committees for the graduation, I had to be at the venue pretty early to finalise the table setup arrangements, run through rehearsals and briefing.

Finally able to admire of all my artworks set up and arranged nicely. Accompanied by the centerpiece arrangements by Jacqie from Gardens of Senses. Once we were done with the set up and rehearsals, Beverly, Yuna and I headed over to Toni & Guys to get our hair done. Since I already had mine done, I did my makeup while waiting for the girls.

Unluckily for us it rained really heavily the moment we were ready. :( Thank goodness we were able to loan an umbrella from William to get back to Ritz Carlton.

When we all got back, it was time to set up our final project and get ourselves in the robes. Then we waited for the judges to come and get ready. Had an interview with Oriental Daily regarding our project and then it was time to present.

the judges were Adnes Lei (First Graduation Star/The Peak Xperience), Jacqie Oh (Gardens of Senses), Paolo Tan (Denise Wines) and Jeffri Lim (Sunflower Paper). We were judged based on our theme, artwork, presentation and overall.

I was pretty nervous as we were the first team to present and it had been awhile since our previous presentation. Also we had one member less to present, we had to present a lil extra. I'm really happy that we could present the final artwork during graduation. all the hard work and efforts.

Then it was time to cue everyone in line for the formal ceremony. March intake first then August. After receiving our scrolls we had a group photo. I then had to rush to remove my robe and then cue everyone for the student catwalk entrance.

That's not all for the night, Part Two coming up next!
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