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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

so you complain that u're always bored, that there's no excitement in life. so it's always boring having to do the same thing over and over again. have you ever thought that the meaning of life is to give life a meaning?

sometimes i really do feel the same too. that my life is pretty boring.

it all began during the uni days when all i did was to go to uni, do assignments and go home. then freelance came by my life and then it made my life colourful and fun.

i enjoyed working for different events, brands and company. not to mention meeting people of all types.

then i graduated. i had to stop there. and do a full time job. again it happened. i had to wake up, got to swim, go to work, make phone calls, and then go home. the only fun parts were running events when i get to meet new people again. but the bad part was i had to stay late and go to work early again the next day. i enjoyed running events. it was my passion. but things didn't turn to be like how i wished it would.

so i took a stop from the job. because i found my dream. i went back to study. a very short four months course. but i could say that it was the best times of my life. i enjoyed myself alot during classes and looked forward to every weekend despite having to rush off for part time job sometimes. (in need for allowance)

so i studied wedding planning. i took the step. i gave my life a different meaning. it's different. a wedding planner may not be the person that every bride and groom hire. but if no one takes the try, no one will begin something new.

to give life meaning, is to do something that you like. and with passion. not just wake up - go to work - go home from work. but with a heart that would make you look forward to each day!~ ♥

so what are you waiting for? take a step. think deep. decide. and just do it.
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