we love asia twenty thirteen

Monday, January 21, 2013

i'm seriously worn out and exhausted! last weekend was crazy. worked for swedish house mafia which required me to stand by from 4pm. and it rained through the night we had to take cover at the asahi's booth. by the time work was done, i got home at 1plus. had to wash my hair and dry it off.

the next morning, call time was 11am. to head up to genting for another work. rehearsals started the moment we got there. and work ended a lil earlier than expected but by the time we got home it was already almost 2am as well.

then the bestie wanted to go to "we love asia" so i went along with her.

jerry ah b and jerry kit came pick me up and then we headed to ioi boulevard first to check out the bazaar there. got myself some stuffs. so did jerry ah b too. and then we headed to get bestie but she was running late so we had dinner nearby her place while waiting for her.

arrived the venue about 9 but there were so many ticket checks while heading towards the vip parking. and when we arrived the final station for ticket check, they told us that we had to have 5 tickets for all 5 persons in the car. so we had to wait for king to come coz the other 2 more tickets were with him.

finally managed to get it and party time started. we went booth hopping to get some freebies and pictures taken. and then played a whole lot of games while waiting for the main acts to come out.

there was this game where 1 person sits and other throws to hit the bullseye so that the person who sits falls into the water. and the person who falls gets a flashing light t-shirt. we all wanted the shirt but didnt want to get wet. so we played another ice game to get the shirt. lucky for us both wayne and i got the shirts. the lights moves to the beat of the bass which is pretty nice.

and then redfoo of lmfao came out to perform! singing to the famous tunes of sorry for party rocking, champagne showers, shots, party rock anthem, reminds me of u and many more. he also spinned to some tunes before singing and dancing to sexy and i know it.

and little did we know, he really did pull off his pants at the chorus doing the wiggle! not only him, his whole dance crew did the same thing and all of them had bling bling undies on. how shining~ LOL!

after redfoo was steve aoki. and then we left at about 1245 to avoid the jam and all. well, it was really a fun night but my body is aching like mad now. i have to admit, i am old at heart! :P
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