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Saturday, January 5, 2013

graduation is in less than a week and i wanted to have pretty hair for it so i made an appointment with amy from number76 last thursday.

and after discussion we ended up touching up the roots of my hair with my original pink brown. and do some fun unicorn colours for the inner layer of my hair. so we started off with the touch up and bleaching.

and then she chose the colours for my little unicorn colouring. it's supposed to be blue, pink and purple but because i only bleached once, my hair is not white but yellowish based, so the blue turned out to be greenish turquoise which i kinda of like it.

and she dyed the colours on a darker tone so that it would last till next friday. but after 2 washes, my blue is fading pretty fast. :(( i guess i'll probably have to go touch it up a lil if it fades by next wednesday..

the best thing about doing my hair here is that my hair still feels magically soft and smooth even after bleaching. how i just love the treatment from my magic hair saloon. <3

and my unicorn hair is not obvious if its straight but with a lil curl, it will be really pretty!~ 
if u want unicorn hair like mine go find amy okie!~she's based at midvalley northpoint!
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