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Saturday, December 15, 2012

so besides having the galaxy wonderland contest, samsung has another on-going contest for creative people (and also non-creative people) who wants to have fun and join. well, this is for samsung galaxy note 2 and their theme is to BE CREATIVE.

so are u ready to start drawing or at least do some colouring?

here's how it goes.

first, u'll have to log on to Be Creative and u'll be welcomed.

then choose one of the four artists. and i've chosen Adam C. and obviously i had to design a jersey.

so u can pick andy colour and pen tool that is provided on the right of the picture and start drawing yours. coz different pen tools have different effects!~~~

and when u're done drawing or colouring like me, just submit it. you can choose to submit via facebook, twitter or email!~

when it's done, Adam would say this to you! but Adam, i'm pretty sure you won't wanna wear a purple jersey! hahahahaha~~~

and then go to the gallery and look at your submission or go steal ideas from other people! :P

if you wanna know more go watch the video and then go to Be Creative site nao!~
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