[part one] recalling too ou wan toooo~

Monday, December 31, 2012
so here's a recap on what really happened in twenty twelve. the happy ones and the fun ones. the special occasions and who i've met.

my first visit to number 76 hair saloon. which was right before chinese new years. got to meet my blogging idol cheesie there and got a special 20% discount. hair was by deji-san and amy.

and then it was chinese new years. as usual i went back to penang.

valentines was the simplest yet sweetest so far. we had a pre valentine dinner at palate palatte and then movie. and then on valentines itself boyfie sent pink roses to the office with an anonymous note.

then we had a short getaway to morib sepang with the group of friends. and then i had a really really busy march and april with loads of events and works. and finally started gym.

i also did my very first advertorial blogging for kiss me cosmetics, thanks to don and manoah. and then my first rave while working with the ex company. well, didn't get to enjoy coz i was busy working that night.

went to bangkok for the very first time as an anniversary trip. for boyfie and i.

and then got to go i-city for the first time. boyfie brought me there coz i emo that day. and the made it my day with the lil trip there.

on my first year anniversary, boyfie gave me a super sweet surprise when i got home. well, he parked really far away but he forgotten to hide his shoes. but it was the sweetest surprise ever.

and then i participated in Super GT Queen and got in to the final twelve. it was a one month long journey when i took a whole lot of unpaid leave to go on trips and training with the other girls.

went to Sabah for the first time for our show thanks to SGTQ. and i won myself first runners up in the east meets west talent show.

when i was back in the office in june, i was hooked up with a lot of work again. and then in july i did the Miss World Malaysia finals.

watching him futsal was part of my monday and tuesdays routine. and he had a company tournament in june.

and then thanks to don again, i got to attend the MODA 22nd anniversary show.

became mae's ji mui coz i wanted to see how her wedding planner did the whole thing. and then attended their wedding as well.

the early part of twenty twelve was really simple yet sweet. august onwards was where the fun all came in. :) watch out for part two.
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