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Friday, December 14, 2012

Galaxy Wonderland is the second project by Samsung with the all time talented singer-songwriter Yuna after the success of the first award-winning project - The Sparkle Project.
so what is Galaxy Wonderland all about?
 - it is a musical voyage brought to life on Samsung latest addition - the Galaxy Note II which celebrates Malaysia's identity through its culture, places and of course Art.

is there a contest that's on going at Galaxy Wonderland?
- YES! you can submit your entries (inspiring stories) on the web portal Galaxy Wonderland ♥

and from all these inspiring stories that you and i share, Yuna will find some new creative sparks for her upcoming songs!~ also, Yuna's journey with Galaxy Wonderland will be featured in a series on Astro Ria. so don't miss it when it's up!~ 

and this is how u join the contest…

go to the web portal Galaxy Wonderland ♥

and when u've done loading the page, go to the Create page. 

and then click into Start Creating. and you can start sharing your story or inspiration. you can choose to draw or attach pictures/videos/voice recordings for your inspiration too. 

and when u're done, click Done and submit your entry. and u'll have to log in through your email or facebook account.

and after submitting, click continue and u'll see your entry status. and tadaaa!~ u're done. 

but don't just submit 1 if you have a whole lot of ideas and stories to share..u can submit as many as you like!~ go nao!
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