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Thursday, December 6, 2012

what's more happy than to see a photo of you being featured on your favourite blogger's blog and what's more is that you get featured on not only one but two of your favourite blogger.
well, there are many blogs that i read and two of my favourites are Audrey of fourfeetnine.com and Cheesie of cheeserland.com

i love their blogging style and their fashion style as well. they started off very cutesy and pastel and now more towards otona mode which is more matured and dark colours. well, i prefer to see them all cutesy and pastels but we all have to grow up and move towards the matured look someday anyway.

so...having to attend the same event that they were invited to as well gave me the opportunity to get to know them better. plus as Audrey mentioned, my daddy is high school friends with her Fat Her and having to attend their dinner in kl was really warm.

and not to mention that both Audrey and Cheesie are really really really slim! also super fun and friendly in person!~

tonight no need sleep already coz being featured on their blog eventho is just 1 picture but still….i'm so touched i cant even….*shy*

oh by the way, if you are a fan or reader, don't forget to drop by isetan this saturday 3pm for their fashion show and there's 20% off their ForuChizu brand and all other Japanese brands for the whole day and sunday 2pm-4pm for their meet & greet photo session!~
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