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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Truly am honoured to be invited to attend the Wedding Of The Year - the wedding dinner of our badminton champion and legend, Dato Lee Chong Wei and his beautiful wife, Datin Wong Mew Choo.

Thanks to dear Tina from Amaze, our Super GT Queen organizer who invited me to join her at the wedding dinner.

and as most of you know, the wedding was held at kuala lumpur convention centre. and upon arrival, there were already many people there. and it look as tho there was a pc fair on going but with people dressed elegantly. LOL. (well, he had 100 tables on the first night and 180 tables on the second night. that's like 1000 over people!)

so i attended the dinner of the first night whereby the agong and his permaisuri as well as our prime minister attended as well. and i believe it was due to the attendance of the king, the whole ceremony was very malay-ish instead. the emcees spoke in both english and malay.

overall it was pretty much a malay-ish decor setup. but i couldn't guess if there was any theme for the wedding dinner. pretty disappointing in a way coz i was looking forward to a badminton related theme or something.

so and as we stepped into the hall, the lighting was yellow and red on white drapes. with a whole lot of raining lights hanging from the top. also with many hanging dangling weird chandeliers. which made the pictures look weird.

the lighting only changed towards the later part of the night to purple and then blue. which allowed me to take prettier pictures to share!!! ok fine, i love purple. i cant resist!~ but purple lighting always takes prettier pictures compared to super yellow lighting. unless it's the downlight.

table set up was all in gold. with gold velvet table cloth, gold plates and glasses. each table had different centerpieces made out of fake flowers and some had candles on the candle stands. some were super big and tall and they looked pretty weird to me. perhaps i just wasn't really my style or to my liking. but the floral arrangements were pretty and sweet.

the main vip table was a long rectangular table whereby our agong and his permaisuri would sit in the middle followed by dato lee and his wife and then the prime minister. and it was decorated with a whole lot of flowers.

the wedding favors were all sponsored i believe. we had a gold box with 4 yummy chocolates by kl convention. a cute shuttlecock towel. a shuttlecock box with a bottle of honey and some coffee by cafe 99. a book of their wedding photos. a paper bag with their pictures printed on and some vouchers. and a really cute diamonate pin as entrance gift.

the event only started at 8.45pm when our agong arrived and we all got to watch a live feed from another room when dato lee and datin wong gave their welcome wishes and gifts to both our king and his queen. and then finally the grand entrance by our king and queen followed by the bride and groom.

and we were served a four-course western dinner. starting of with a set of four appetizer. followed by some really nice bread with butter together with the potato and leek soup. main course was oven-baked atlantic cod fillet. dessert was lychee and lime panacotta. and i would say the food wasn't great but it was nice and fresh for a hundred table dinner. thumbs up for the food.

i'm not sure if it was the sound system problem or suki had a bad voice night. her performance wasn't too good with lots of clutters. sounded pretty bad i would comment. but the performer after her did really well. so i guess it wasn't the sound system after all.

manbai performed two songs and it was really good as well. and now i kinda regret not attending the dinner on saturday coz grasshopper from hong kong came to perform. as well as the great singer maria.

the whole event ended at about 10. some left through the second door so they didn't get to shake hands with the newly weds or take a picture with them. i actually left from the second door and then went back in to queue for a picture. tee hee~ (well, can't blame me. its like a once in a lifetime chance)

and the only part i liked about the setup was actually the photobooth. very dreamy, pretty and elegant. but the only problem was it was placed in the middle of the walkway and people keep passing by! and the lighting there was pretty awful too! made the pictures looked really yellow or red. kinda weird. or mayb it's just my lumix.

well that's all for the night. if u wanna see more pictures. click here. it's all on my facebook page. once again thank you so much tina for inviting me along!~  
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